Fleet funding

With our range of fleet funding solutions, we can help you find the vehicle leasing method that's most cost-effective for you.

Because we work with such a wide range of businesses, we understand that fleet funding needs vary widely. You may want ways to release capital or reduce your tax liability for example.

Whatever your situation, get expert advice on the right solution for you - whether you want to keep your vehicles on or off your balance sheet.

On balance sheet vehicle leasing solutions

If vehicles are on your balance sheet, the value of your assets will be increased. These funding methods are ideal for asset-light businesses that want to benefit from the cash advantages of vehicle leasing.

Off balance sheet vehicle leasing solutions

If vehicles are on our balance sheet rather than yours, you'll have less tax liability and won't have to worry about depreciation - perfect for businesses that want to run company vehicles, but don't want to own them.

Funding your vehicle leasing: our solutions

Contract Hire

Simple and cost-effective: we own the vehicles and rent them to you

Contract Purchase

Ideal if your company is restricted in the amount of VAT it can reclaim.

Finance Lease

Enjoy fixed repayment costs and improve key financial ratios.

Flexible Lease

More flexibility with the option of extending your lease or ending your contract early.

Sale and Leaseback

Get a cash injection - we'll buy your vehicles and lease them back to you.

Employee Car Ownership

Employers and employees save on tax and National Insurance with ECOS.

Whole Life Cost

Make more efficient choices - see a true picture of your fleet costs.


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