Mileage logging is an online data entry and reporting tool that drivers can use to capture their mileage on a monthly basis. It allows HMRC-compliant mileage logging for Employee Car Ownership (ECO) schemes.

The benefits

Our product is simple to use and provides you with useful information that can be used to educate drivers on efficient driving behaviour. It can also help you make decisions on whether to extend vehicle contracts, terminate vehicles early or remain on their current contract.

Our product

Our online mileage logging facility provides the ability to capture individual's business-related journeys, mileage and fuel spend. This is in addition to overall private and total mileage undertaken each month.

A configurable online reporting suite is also available for Fleet Managers to use, which includes elements such as missed submissions or excessive mileage.

Mileage Logging includes:

  • Email reminders can be sent to drivers who haven't recorded their monthly submission prior to the monthly cut-off point (e-mail chasing frequency and final data entry date can be configured by each customer)
  • Fully configurable reporting suite available for the Fleet Manager, providing information about individual journeys, overall mileage, Duty of Care, fuel spend, excessive mileage and missed submissions
  • Administration option available to flag drivers as VIPs, long-term absentees or those on maternity leave, withholding reminders and e-mail chasing
  • We can automatically feed mileage into our Tax reconciliation software for HMRC reconciliation for ECO fleets
  • New starters can be added to the service individually or in bulk

How it works

This product is available to Employee Car Ownership fleets and is priced at £1 excluding VAT per driver per month with an initial £3 per driver set up fee.


Want to know more?

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