Uninsured Loss Recovery

Helping you to reduce the cost of an accident.

Uninsured Loss Recovery takes the hassle out of reclaiming costs incurred in the event of a non-fault accident.

The benefits

Our expert team will manage the process on your behalf making sure that you are kept up to date at every stage. We also provide management information of both ongoing and completed claims.

There is a tracing process for uninsured Third Party or unknown drivers, which offers the best chance of a positive outcome.

Our service

Through our appointed legal partner, we support your claim by recovering costs such as car hire, accident repairs and insurance excesses on your behalf.

Uninsured Loss Recovery includes:

  • Assessment of liability to recover losses
  • Claims management with solicitors to agree settlement
  • Referral to specialist solicitors to handle any personal injury claims
  • Detailed Management Information
  • Regular progress updates

How it works

This service is available to fleets of all sizes and is charged as a percentage commission of the amount recovered.

Vehicle Service Management
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