Fuel Card

Helping you manage your fuel costs.

Fuel is one of the main operating costs incurred in running a fleet. We know how important it is to have an effective process to manage and reduce your fleet's fuel costs; the Lex Autolease Fuel Card can help you manage this.

The benefits

Supplying your drivers with a fuel card gives them the convenience of one card for all their fuel purchases. The price billed is the price at the pump and the card is widely accepted.

The management information reported back to you can show data such as vehicle and driver mpg, excessive fuel usage, and potential fuel fraud, helping you proactively manage your fleet's fuel spend and usage.

Our product

A fuel card is a convenient and popular method for drivers to purchase their fuel and for fleet operators to manage their fuel costs. It allows management and reporting of fuel spend at a vehicle, driver and fleet level.

The card can be used at over 95% of filling stations across the UK, including supermarket sites.

Fuel Card includes:

  • Lex Autolease branding
  • The card delivery is administered by Lex Autolease through AllStar
  • The card carries bespoke information, e.g. company name, registration number, driver name
  • Oil can also be included
  • Management reporting - provides basic and tailored information

How it works

Please contact your Customer Relationship Manager who will take you through the process to help you take advantage of all the benefits of our fuel card.


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