Salary Sacrifice

Car ownership that rewards your employees and your business.

Salary Sacrifice schemes are a great way to enhance your employee benefits package and generate real savings for your business. But the details differ from provider to provider, so it's important to choose the right set-up for you.

Lex Autolease can ensure you enjoy a scheme that motivates, attracts and retains staff while saving you money and ensuring you stand out from the competition. As the UK's largest fleet management provider, we bring the best vehicle offers directly to your door. Then, when you've decided what you want, our experienced team makes everything easy to implement.

By increasing the number of vehicles you order, you'll increase your buying power with manufacturers, potentially improving the discounts you receive across your fleet. With newer and more fuel-efficient vehicles, you'll also improve your and your employees environmental credentials. And because of the way the scheme is structured, you can decide how the cost savings are shared.

Benefits your employees

  • Cost-effective new car ownership with predictable running costs
  • Significantly lower cost of ownership - and a potential cash injection if they sell their existing car
  • Fully managed - simply fill up and drive
  • Reduces National Insurance contributions
  • Includes full maintenance, breakdown cover and insurance
  • Can reduce fuel spend through smaller, fuel efficient vehicles
  • Create a greater sense of loyalty and belonging
  • Increases your buying power and standing with manufacturers
  • 24hr driver support line

Benefits your business

  • Supports engagement, recruitment, motivation and retention across total employee base
  • Reduce costs through lower National Insurance contributions
  • Supports Duty of Care obligations with newer, safer vehicles
  • Promotes greener, more efficient cars that reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save on recruitment costs and improve productivity.
  • Increases your buying power and standing with manufacturers
  • Create a greater sense of loyalty and belonging
  • Helps manage your 'grey' fleet

How it works

Our Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme can be applied either as a stand-alone benefit or to enhance your existing package. Employees pays a monthly fee for their vehicle, which is deducted from their salary before tax or National Insurance is calculated. Once implemented, you will both enjoy lower National Insurance contributions for the duration of the scheme.

We'll help you design the best incentive to meet your overall objectives, and support you at every step of the way in managing it. We'll also supply scheme guides and communication material to help showcase its benefits to your employees.

Our simple set-up ensures that everything is in line with your existing business processes, and gives you the freedom to create new, improved processes where needed.

Any permanent employee is eligible provided they're aged between 18 and 78, have been with your organisation for 6 months continually, are a UK taxpayer and comply with the inclusive insurance policy.

Who is it suitable for?

Companies with experience of employee benefit schemes and over 500 employees.

To find out more, please call 0800 389 3690 or download our Salary Sacrifice whitepaper


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