For businesses with employees who use their own vehicles for business journeys

There are approximately 14 million Grey Fleet vehicles in the UK today compared to just 1 million company cars. For more information, read our Grey Fleet report.


A Grey Fleet consists of any vehicle not owned or leased by the organisation that is driven by its employees for work purposes; i.e. anyone driving a personally-owned or leased vehicle using their vehicle for business journeys, excluding normal commuting to and from the usual place of business. 

A Grey Fleet can include vehicles bought or leased by employees, such as company ‘cash-for-car’ schemes, and ad hoc usage of employees' privately-owned, leased or hired vehicles.

Companies or organisations will usually reimburse an employee on a pence per mile basis for using their own vehicle for business journeys. HM Revenue and Customs provide guidelines on what can be claimed and any tax implications.

We can offer you 

  • A flexible, tailored solution to suit any fleet size and ambition
  • Environmental impact information and advice for reducing emissions
  • Information about how to successfully enforce Duty of Care regulations 
  • Support options to keep vehicles running efficiently and safely
  • Technical expertise and intelligent insight to inform fleet strategy

Advice on how to

  • Emphasise drivers' responsibilities
  • Determine the age and mileage of the vehicle and set mileage costs by mode of transport
  • Provide a list of relevant checks
  • Effectively monitor mileage expenses and reduce unnecessary costs
  • Reduce tax compliance risks