Helping businesses improve fleet efficiency​

Telematics systems are suitable for fleets of any size, helping businesses improve fleet efficiency and effectiveness. Lex Autolease acts as an introducer to Airmax who specialise in mileage capture and driver behaviour via pre-defined service options; these are available for an additional cost.

Telematics at a glance

  • Improve fleet efficiency
  • Drive down costs
  • Monitor productivity remotely
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Easily installed black box


Data is collected via a black box which is fitted to the vehicle. Service options can be enabled and amended remotely. All data is collected, displayed and accessed via the dashboards on Airmax's secure web portal.

Improve your Fleet Management 

  • Track and Trace
    Make operational improvements which include utilisation and visibility that assists with the effective deployment of vehicles.
  • Driver Journey Management
    Drivers can log their trips and keep their business mileage claims HMRC compliant. This service can be implemented with or without using a black box installed in the vehicle.
  • Duty of Care Compliance
    Takes care of your drivers and reduces risk. 
  • Driver Profiling
    Identifies and proactively manages driver performance and behaviour. 
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics
    Reduces downtime by proactively providing vehicle information.
  • CRASH Detection
    In the event of an accident, Airmax will provide situational information including notification of location, vehicle registration and severity.


Driving Technology

Telematic technology and its data interpretation can provide a number of key benefits, including enhanced safety and improved cost efficiencies. But how can you ensure you have the right programme and how easy is it to adopt?