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Improving fleet performance and driver safety

Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading clinical provider of full service home healthcare. Each year, with the help of Lex Autolease, the company delivers two million prescriptions to over 160,000 patients.

When the company identified some areas in need of improvement, it turned to the Lex Autolease Benchmarking service to find out more.

  • SERVICE OFFERED: Managed fleet on a sole supplier basis.
  • SIZE OF FLEET: Approx. 500 vehicles.


Healthcare at Home works alongside the NHS, pharmaceutical and private providers to offer a range of care options to patients, often around the clock. The company needed to find a way to reduce the costs of operating its fleet, while still maintaining the highest level of care for patients and top safety standards for drivers.

How our Benchmarking service supported Healthcare at Home

The Lex Autolease Benchmarking service allows firms to compare their fleets with others in the same industry, highlighting areas where they excel and those that may need addressing.

Using fleet data already captured from Healthcare at Home, Lex Autolease put together a Benchmarking report which analysed fleet performance in six key areas.

  • Fleet size
  • Policy design
  • Carbon footprint
  • Mileage management
  • Motoring offences
  • Accident management



The Benchmarking analysis showed Healthcare at Home’s fleet strengths, including their carbon footprint, while also identifying areas for improvement.

“It showed us best in class in quite a few areas, which is really good,” says Georgina Smith, Fleet Manager, Healthcare at Home. “But it also confirmed areas we need to improve. Our accident rates and number of parking fines were both quite high, and work was needing to be done on that, definitely.”

Three key actions from the Benchmarking report

Following the production of the Benchmarking report, Healthcare at Home introduced a number of key actions:

  • A collaborative approach to solutions
    With areas for improvement identified, Lex Autolease worked with Healthcare at Home to deliver solutions, including a quarterly newsletter to update drivers on accident statistics and ways to reduce parking fines.
  • Driver training and accident reviews
    Healthcare at Home now has a number of strategies to help reduce accidents, including improved driver training and a quarterly accident management review with Lex Autolease and its insurance broker.
  • Cost savings
    The analysis also identified potential cost savings. “We’ve always run on a mix of four-year, 100,000 mile and three-year, 75,000 mile contracts, but I’ve changed that now to all four-year, 80,000 mile contracts,” says Georgina. “That’s a fairly considerable cost saving for the business. It also means we can pass on those savings, delivering a much more cost effective service to our customers.”



“The benchmarking report confirmed some of what I’d thought, but it was great to see everything down on paper with recommendations on how to improve performance from the Lex Autolease team. I keep the Benchmarking report on my desktop and find it useful as a daily tool for me to check on.”

Georgina Smith, Fleet Manager
Healthcare at Home

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