We're the UK's leading fleet management and fleet funding specialist responsible for 1 in 30 registrations of the UK's new cars and Light Commercial Vehicles*. Our size and buying power gives us access to great discounts and competitive rentals for our customers.

We work closely with industry-leading manufacturers to bring you a wide choice of vehicles to match your needs, taking into account the things that are important to you, such as price, running costs, safety, style and sustainability.

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Contracts can also include management services such as maintenance, breakdown assistance and replacement vehicles. The charge for these is linked to the vehicle mileage and contract duration.

It's vital to correctly maintain your vehicle over its lifespan. We provide drivers with a single point of contact to be used by the driver or customer for servicing, mechanical repair, MOT, 24-hour breakdown assistance, windscreens, Accident Services, tyres, batteries, exhausts and replacement vehicles.

Our maintenance package** ensures drivers get the best value from their vehicle with minimum downtime. We manage the variable cost of maintenance and repair by utilising our expertise and economies of scale to reduce costs; keeping charges well below those available to you as an independent buyer.

*Based on total Lex Autolease car registrations and total UK car registrations published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, January to December 2016. **Maintenance includes routine servicing, tyres, replacement parts and repairs due to fair wear and tear. Repairs or replacements from accidental/malicious damage and damage caused by driver misuse/abuse are excluded. The vehicle must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and by an approved service dealer.