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Competitive pricing and distinctive looks

Korea’s oldest car manufacturer Kia has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years due to its versatile and affordable model line-up. As part of its long-term plan to become one of the world’s premier automotive brands, Kia is determined to design and build cars that customers actually want to buy. Competitive pricing and distinctive looks like the 'Tiger Nose grille' featured on all current Kia cars, makes a Kia a practical and attractive choice.

When you choose a Kia through us, you’ll be getting a reliable vehicle with impressive capability. Models range from the small yet powerful Picanto, to the energy-efficient All-New Optima Plug-In Hybrid, and the sizable, capable Sorrento.

Why Kia?

  • Range of sizes and models
  • Distinctive looks
  • Environmentally aware
  • Versatile and fun 

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