FUEL Management

Helping you identify cost saving opportunities

beneficial for your business

Fuel charges are an unavoidable operational cost for fleets of all sizes. We work with Allstar to offer a fuel card to help you control and manage your fleet’s fuel costs. Accepted at over 90% of filling stations UK-wide, the Fuel Card is a chargeable service which is convenient and easy to use.

Fuel Cards enable you to proactively track fuel usage to help you identify cost saving opportunities, including driver miles per gallon, fuel spend and potential fuel fraud using our bespoke service.


  • Cost saving
  • Gain analysis and insight
  • Work closely with fleet managers
  • Consolidated billing
  • Keep track of driver behaviours
  • Online fuel reporting



The fuel card enables your drivers to pay for fuel using just one card.

Driving Technology

More fuel efficient vehicles can drive down costs and emissions, but educating drivers through technology can hold the key to greater savings.