E.ON Case Study


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Driving E.ON closer to a fully electric fleet

A fully electric fleet by 2025, that’s E.ON’s goal, but to help them get closer to this target, they needed a versatile solution that would
appeal to all of their employees. 

Lex Autolease’s answer: a tailored Green Salary Sacrifice scheme offering a more accessible and affordable way to own an electric vehicle (EV).

E.ON intend to reduce their Scope 1 and 2 emissions (vs. 2019) by

  • 75% by 2030
  • 100% by 2040


As an environmentally conscious, forward-thinking business, sustainability is high on E.ON’s agenda; they intend to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

E.ON needed a solution that would align with their core purpose of smarter and sustainable energy solutions, and help them get closer to their sustainability goal of a fully electric fleet by 2025.


Lex Autolease delivered a tailored Green Salary Sacrifice solution,
including an accessible online portal and comprehensive marketing
toolkit to help build awareness of the scheme.

Lex Autolease started with a Whole Life Cost Policy review, which looks at the life-time cost of the vehicle including National Insurance contributions (NIC) and fuel. From this, E.ON was able to gather a more accurate view of the overall cost of its vehicles, showing how EVs could be more cost-effective all round – with an average yearly saving of £93,358.

78% of E.ON employees (4,700) are now eligible to lease an EV through a Green  Salary Sacrifice scheme, designed and provided by Lex Autolease.

The outcome

A new scheme has been implemented across E.ON to make EVs more accessible for a wider range of employees. Individuals that meet the eligibility criteria – permanent employees who have been at E.ON for at least six months and are a UK taxpayer – have the option to sacrifice
some of their gross salary in exchange for an EV.

it’s possible for employees to save up to 42% on the monthly EV lease cost but the benefit goes beyond financial gain with an EV releasing three times less CO2 than a petrol or diesel equivalent*. 

E.On's Green Salary Sacrifice scheme is all inclusive car package made up of:

  • Maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Road Tax
  • Breakdown Cover

*European Federation for Transport and Environment