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Simplifying fleet management for Miers Construction Products

Miers Construction Products (Miers), part of SIG Group, had two primary goals: to help their employees and to help the environment. Their fleet played a key role in meeting both these aims. With company growth continuing at pace, it was clear they needed a fleet management solution that could both streamline processes in the short term and scale for the long term. Lex Autolease’s answer: two powerful, simple-to-use digital tools.

  • LAI is an advanced online facility in the leasing industry. It provides 24/7 access to all Lex Autolease’s key services, including live online reporting.
  • The Driver Portal empowers employees to take control of their own vehicle, offering them around the clock digital access to all services,  including incident reporting, service or MOT booking and ordering a vehicle.

“One of the benefits is the self-service elements - I can obtain quotes instantly without contacting multiple dealers. Decisions can then be made in minutes rather than days.”

Lawrence Lim, Finance Director, Miers


With these tools, it took a Miers employee just six simple clicks to order a new vehicle through the Driver Portal. The solution provided by Lex Autolease meant employees could browse and choose from thousands of options, allowing Miers to scale easily with demand. This became a highly attractive employee benefit, helping with their recruitment and retention.

Employee satisfaction wasn’t all that improved. Close collaboration through the dedicated Lex Autolease Account Manager, along with the tools provided, saw Miers:

  • Save money – easy online access to special offers, instant quotes and effective funding
  • Simplify – all their fleet management tools in one place
  • Save time and worry – expert advice and support from our dedicated Essential Account Manager
  • Provide convenience – employees could browse, order, service and manage their car online through our Driver Portal
  • Real-time reviews – virtual fleet reviews to keep on top of their fleet with analysis, reports, insights and cost-saving advice


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