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The drive for a greener fleet

Birmingham is the UK’s fourth-largest university and, with 200 buildings, 35,000 students and 7,000 staff, operates like a small town. Its diverse fleet is used for everything from supplying goods and managing facilities to aiding in research projects.

Lex Autolease worked with the University of Birmingham to improve the environmental impact of their vehicles and help support its home city’s Clean Air Zone proposition.

  • SERVICE OFFERED: Managed fleet on a sole supplier basis, including vehicle leasing and full maintenance agreements.
  • SIZE OF FLEET: 98 vehicles, including 29 electric vehicles and one hydrogen-fuelled car.


Lex Autolease’s engineering team ordered a range of electric vehicles, which now make up 28% of the university’s fleet. These electric cars and vans were converted so they met specific requirements and remain fit for purpose. This switch has reduced the University’s fleet CO2 emissions by 30.9 tonnes annually.


The University’s original investment in electric vehicles led their Sustainable Logistics Manager, Monica Guise, to also look at hydrogen vehicles as a fuel choice. Through Lex Autolease, the educational institution obtained a hydrogen-fuel-cell car – one of the first to be leased in the UK.


Switching to electric vehicles resulted not only in environmental efficiency, but also financial dividends and improved maintenance requirements. “We have less downtime with our electric vehicles compared to when they were diesels,” Monica reports. The fleet also made fuel savings of 15% as a result of the switch, to the delight of drivers. “It has reached a point where, if we were to tell them they’re getting a new vehicle,” Monica says, “they’d ask for the electric one.”


The key to this relationship has been Lex Autolease’s ability to offer practical solutions. Lex Autolease’s Principal Consultant, Chris Chandler, worked with Monica throughout the process of upgrading the university’s fleet. “Chris’ knowledge is second to none,” says Monica. “Working with Lex Autolease has been such a successful partnership. We’ve just taken on a couple of hybrid vehicles, we’re consistently looking at the CO2 and how we can reduce it, and we expect Lex Autolease to be with us still in 2020, continuing with their great work.”

To read more about how Lex Autolease helped the University of Birmingham achieve its goals, view the full case study.

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