What electric vehicle drivers need to know about their tyres

The electric car and van market continues to accelerate as business and private users continue to reap the benefits of going electric.

This steady transition away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles means that there is an added layer of complexity in the tyre market, with additional tyre sizes having to be sourced and made available to accommodate the breadth of vehicles on the UK roads.

For tyre manufacturers, this means they are having to adapt quickly to new challenges as they attempt to satisfy the countless requirements from vehicle manufacturers to develop the best product – whether that’s in terms of cost, durability or lifecycle – for electric vehicles.

What’s the difference for electric and hybrid vehicles?

The biggest differentiator with electric and hybrid vehicle tyres, is that they are considerably heavier than traditional ICE vehicle tyres. This is because they have to accommodate the extra weight of an EV.

Analysis shows that a standard car battery weights around 20kg, whereas the average electric car battery is closer to 500kg. Manufacturers must create tyres for EVs with increased load-bearing capacity to account for this extra weight.  

The tread pattern and compound are also EV-specific, to handle the nearly instant torque of electric motors. 

And, tyre noise is also more notable for electric cars and vans than ICE vehicles, due to their near-silent powertrains. To combat this, manufacturers have also created specific tyres that are designed to be quieter on the roads.

According to FleetCheck, it is becoming clear from existing real-world EV profiles seen so far, that while general maintenance costs for electric cars are lower than comparable petrol and diesel models, tyre costs are higher. The good news for our customers, however, is that these costs aren’t extended across to them when their tyres need replacing, due to our fixed cost maintenance contracts.

How Kwik Fit keeps you moving, wherever you are

In 2021, we extended our long term sole-supplier partnership with Kwik Fit. There were a number of reasons for this transition, but for our customers, simply put, it represents an opportunity for dedicated automotive cover whenever you need it.

Given the complexity of the tyre market, we recommend that you encourage you to take advantage of the pre booking service and secure an appointment at Kwik Fit to have tyres replaced, when needed. By booking ahead, this will ensure that the correct tyre size will be available at your local Kwik-Fit Service Centre - getting you  back on the road as quickly as possible.

Kwik Fit Mobile also offers a call-out service, providing you all the comforts of home while a specialist is deployed to come to your house or place of business to swap tyres on site, letting you stay focused on what matters. Both of these options can be booked in advance, free of charge.

Craig McNaughton, Corporate Director, Lex Autolease recently used the Kwik Fit advanced booking system for his own company car, this is what he had to say about his experience;

“I recently needed to get all four tyres changed on my car, I accessed the booking portal online on my mobile, I only had to input my registration number and didn’t need to worry about remembering a log in ID and password and was able to easily select an appointment time.  My diary is really busy so it was great that I could select a time when I knew I could get to my local Kwik Fit centre." 

"The only information I needed was the size and brand of the tyres, I took a photo of a front and back tyre on my mobile for ease.  I turned up at the centre and the tyres were fitted within a two hour window.  It was really easy to arrange and could not have been more convenient.

To the Kwik Fit centre I was just another Lex Autolease company car driver, so I’m confident that I received a genuine customer experience, with no special treatment." 

To find out more about our partnership with Kwik Fit and more on our service, maintenance, and repair options, click here https://driver.lexautolease.co.uk/.