Ahead of the 2035 deadline1, most fleet decision-makers are now accepting of the journey towards Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) fleets. In fact, three quarters (75%) of them say electrification is a priority for their firm. It’s a path of significant change - whatever the fleet size or composition - and the journey offers opportunity and challenges for organisations of every kind.

That’s the big picture to emerge from our survey of 400 fleet decision makers at UK businesses when we asked about their plans for - and progress towards - the transition to electrified motors, the obstacles they face, and the opportunities ahead.

The resulting report ─ Electric Pathways: Route to a Greener Fleet ─ is a snapshot showing the state of electric vehicle transition today so that you can gauge your own progress and plan your way forward.

Key findings indicate a clear majority of fleet managers (66%) getting to grips with the electric transition — despite economic challenges:

  • 28% are already implementing plans to electrify their vehicles
  • 56% can see a range of reasons for prioritising electrification ─ including cost
  • 54% see electrification as an overall business goal
  • 71% believe the switch to EVs will be cost neutral or actually save them money
  • Just 25% say their drivers are yet to be convinced about the benefits of using ZEVs

Of course, as with any journey, there will be challenges to navigate and 97% of fleet managers who have started their ZEV journeys, or plan to, expect their intentions will be affected in some way by tough economic conditions.  That’s a positive approach to a necessary change and it’s well worth celebrating!

Electric fleet transition will bring big benefits including tax advantages and the potential for lower management and maintenance costs – not to mention a reduced carbon footprint, better air quality and a quantifiable contribution to sustainability that will complement Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and enhance your brand. According to Fleet News, fleets using electric vehicles (EVs) have cut carbon emissions by more than 15 tonnes of CO2 per vehicle, per year ─ so they’re already making a measurable difference.

We’re already helping companies like E.ON get a lot closer to a fully electric fleet and we’d love to help you make further progress too.

Start now by downloading your own copy of our Electric Pathways report. It’s free, well-researched and packed with insights that will help you see where you are now and how you might move forward.

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