Welcome to the story of our journey on the 2023 EV Rally, a Greenfleet event we’re proud to sponsor.

‘The Capital City Challenge’ showcased the potential of pure electric vehicles (EV). Our week long event saw 51 EVs cover over 1,200 miles across five countries using the public charging network.

Picture: Chris Chandler and Steve Cocks from Team Lex Autolease on Day 5 of the EV Rally.

The Purpose

The primary aim of the EV Rally was to visually demonstrate the ability of pure EVs to undertake high mileage journeys and experience the public charging network when challenged with vehicles varying in size and charging capabilities.

The Journey

Starting on the iconic Cardiff Barrage, the Capital City Challenge took participants on a week-long journey across the UK and Ireland's capital cities - London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin. Each day presented its set of checkpoints, fostering collaboration and teamwork as the drivers signed up for the day's challenges. Throughout the rally, the drivers actively shared their progress, successes, and observations on social media platforms, enabling a wide audience to follow their electrifying adventure. The journey showcased the endurance and reliability of electric vehicles, proving their capability to cover large distances, even for drivers who had not previously experienced EVs.

The Film

Our captivating journey is here for you to see. You’ll meet our core driving team along with esteemed guest co-drivers and participants from other teams taking part. The film captures the collaborative spirit that defined the event and gives you the insights from behind the scenes.

Our Final Thoughts

The EV Rally has proven itself to be a valuable experience that we can use to influence the industry and shape the conversations we have. We’ve learnt that EVs work, it’s that simple. There were challenges, that was the idea, but with collaboration and great vehicles we demonstrated that even people completely new to EVs can cover large distances in EVs of all sizes and vehicle types. With the speed of technology and growth of the charging network EVs are becoming a very compelling proposition, and a significant solution to reducing climate change and providing clean air in our cities.