Future of transport

Through our Future of Transport initiative, we strive to provide our customers and wider industry with intelligence on changing travel behaviours, and the implications for the environment, the economy and even the nation’s health and wellbeing. 

It brings together timely insight into the opinions, experiences and intentions of UK drivers and fleet managers operating in businesses across the economy, and our Lloyds Banking Group Future of Transport Index - a confidence score that acts as a barometer for change in the types of vehicles people are driving on the UK’s roads.  

Dedicated to change

In our second report, we reveal that fleet managers are planning to reach their forecasts for full electrification earlier, despite the ZEV mandate delay, and that young motorists are far more likely to make an electric vehicle their next car than their parents’ generation. 

We also outline the impact of several major developments in the sector on people’s travel habits and their appetite to switch to electric vehicles, alongside insight on how confidence is changing in different fuel types.

But the overarching narrative from the research is the challenges that persist for both private drivers and businesses and the importance of further actions from government and industry to support mass adoption across the UK population. 

To explore more about the evolving driver behaviours, including their changing perceptions about switching to electric vehicles, download our latest Future of Transport report here.  


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