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Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions you most frequently ask us about the invoices we send you. They’re listed below in alphabetical order. We hope you find the information on this page helpful but appreciate we may not have covered everything.

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If you still can’t find the answer to your invoice query, our team will be happy to help. Please get in touch with them on 0800 389 3690 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

If you need support with the words used in your invoice, take a look at our 'Easy Guide List of Terms' to help you understand. If you’d like a printed copy of the document sent to you in the post, please call us on 0344 879 6633 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Understanding your invoice

You’ll receive this invoice at the end of your contract once your vehicle has been returned. We assess all of our returned vehicles to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Return Standard. This is an industry standard for lease vehicles. You’ll usually receive an invoice from us for any damage that is not within acceptable fair wear and tear standards within 28 days of returning the vehicle.

Why am I being charged damage for a few scratches?

Your vehicle has been reviewed by a BVRLA trained assessor who has confirmed that the damage is outside of the Fair Wear & Tear guidelines. For more information, please see the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide: Lex Autolease Driver Portal - Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Why did I not have to pay any costs, or receive a £300 “Discount” on my final damage invoice? 

Lex Autolease covers the first £300.00 damage identified on your invoice with what we call a “Damage Waiver”. We automatically apply this and so it is deducted before the total you will see on the overall invoice amount. This means you'll pay nothing if the total costs of your damage are less than £300. 

What if the total amount on the invoice is above £300.00? 
In this case, you won’t have to pay the first £300 of the damage costs we’ve identified on the vehicle you’re returning. This means your total damage costs would be £350, for example, and you’ll only have to pay £50. 

For more information on damage and end of contract questions visit: End of Contract FAQs - Personal | Lex Autolease

Why have I been charged for missing service history?

This is because the vehicle service book has not been stamped or the services have been carried out electronically without any evidence provided. When you return the vehicle, we’ll always need to see some acceptable proof that the vehicle had been regularly serviced.

If the service was held electronically, a digital print out or email confirmation from the service provider or similar must be provided to confirm that the services were carried out. You’ll be charged if you return the vehicle without suitable evidence of servicing. Any evidence needs to be emailed directly to

If you can’t provide evidence confirming that services were carried out in line with manufacturer requirements, the charge will still apply. 

I’ve received an end of contract damage invoice where the damage listed doesn’t appear on the vehicle collection notice?

We only expect our collection agents to carry out an initial vehicle appraisal and to note down any obvious or apparent damage. Conditions on collection, such as weather or lighting, may affect this review. This is why all vehicles will have a further, full inspection by a BVRLA trained Assessor once they’re returned at the end of their contract. At this point, a charge will be made for any damage that is found or assessed to be outside the allowances for Reasonable Fair Wear and Tear.

How have you arrived at these charges?

We use a fixed pricing matrix. This is to make sure that our costs are consistent, transparent and fair. The prices are based on the size of the vehicle and the type of damage/repair that’s needed. The inspector carrying out the vehicle appraisal will assess the level of damage and where it is situated on a panel. Where a repair is not appropriate, and a replacement part / panel is needed, the cost is calculated using the same “Thatcham-based” estimating system that our Accident Services Department uses. 

I’ve returned my vehicle under its contracted mileage, so will this compensate for any of the damage charges? 

No, it won’t. Fair wear and tear standards are a separate part of your lease agreement. How we assess and may charge you for damage is a different process. Your contracted mileage allowance is something that’s set by you. You can control or change this at any time during your contract if there’s more than 6 months left on your lease. So, if things change and you don’t need the mileage you originally asked for, you can speak to your customer service team and ask to reduce this. Just remember, even if you don’t make any changes, this won’t be offset or deducted at the end of your lease against any damage costs.

This is a credit note confirming we’ve credited your account with any damage charges you shouldn’t have paid for on a previous DAIN invoice.

Why have you sent me this Credit Note? 

You’ve received this credit note because we’ve incorrectly charged you for damage on your DAIN invoice. For example, you were charged for a missing key on your DAIN invoice but both keys were returned when the vehicle was collected.

I’ve already paid the damage invoice in full. How will I get my money back?

If you still have an active Direct Debit with us, then we’ll return any money owing back to your bank account. If you have cancelled your Direct Debit, we’ll send you a cheque by post.

Please note: You won’t automatically be sent a refund and will need to have queried or disputed the damage charge with us first. We’ll then send you a credit note if your dispute is upheld.

Why have I received a Credit or Partial Credit Note for Damage?

We’ve sent you a Credit Note to cover some incorrect damage charges following your conversation with our team. If the credit amount is not what you were expecting, please get in touch with our team again so we can investigate this for you.

Monthly extension rental invoices are generated when your vehicle falls into an informal extension period. This means it has now passed the term end date of your contract.

Why has my monthly rental figure changed?

If you have kept the vehicle past the contract end date, then we refer to this as an informal extension. In this instance, your new monthly rental will be charged at an average of the monthly rental amounts paid across the term of the contract.

Why am I still being billed for this vehicle when I returned it last month/two months ago plus?

It may be because you left your vehicle at a dealership after collecting a new vehicle, or at a BCA Depot? Please contact you customer services adviser so that we can investigate this. It will help to have all your account and billing details to hand when you call.

This is an initial rental invoice which includes any upfront rentals/initial deposit. We’ll send this invoice to you just after we’ve delivered your vehicle.

I’ve noticed my invoice is showing incorrect information – what should I do?

If your invoice is showing the wrong start date, rental rate or vehicle registration for example, you’ll need to raise this as a dispute. 

Please make sure you include any supporting evidence, such as a copy of the vehicle order or signed delivery note showing the correct information, when submitting your dispute to our team for investigation.

This is a monthly invoice showing your vehicle rental amount. It tells you the date we’ll be taking the payment from your account by Direct Debit, including a breakdown of your invoice.

We’ll continue to invoice you monthly until the vehicle is returned, or it reaches the end of the contract.

​​​​​​​Why have you sent me this invoice when I’ve already paid for an Early Termination?

You’ll receive 2 invoices, the Early Termination invoice and a Monthly Rental invoice. The Early Termination invoice will assume that you’re up to date with your monthly rental payments, up to and including, your collection date. 

I returned my car part way through the final month so why have you charged me a full month’s rental?

Your vehicle is on contract until the term end date. This means that all rentals are payable in full until that date, even if you return your vehicle at an earlier date in the last month of your rental contract.

Why has my monthly rental figure changed?

Please first check if you have requested an amendment to your contract. It may relate to whether you’ve extended or decreased the term, or alternatively increased or decreased your mileage allowance, or both.

This will change your monthly rental amount. The cost would have been confirmed before you accepted any amendments.

If you can’t find an explanation, please contact you customer services adviser.

If you’ve received a fine or penalty notice, such as a parking ticket, speeding fine or congestion charge, then this invoice will cover the amount you need to pay for that offence. We may also charge you an administration fee to cover dealing with the issuing authority.

In some circumstances this invoice could also include the actual fine as well as the admin fee.

​​​​​​​Where can I get a copy of an offence?

You can ask us for a copy of an offence by emailing We’ll need the registration number of the vehicle involved in the offence.

How do I challenge the fine?

You’ll need to appeal directly to the issuer. If your fine is appealed successfully, we’ll need you to send a copy of the cancellation to so that we can raise a credit against the fine and any admin fees that have been charged.

What should I do if the fine is overturned?

Please send a copy of the cancellation notice to and we’ll refund the administration fee.

This is a rental adjustment invoice/credit. They’re usually created to correct / make adjustments to any changes in monthly rental invoicing.

​​​​​​​Why have I received a ‘Rental Adjustment’ invoice/credit.

These settle any adjustments needed if you’ve recently accepted a contract amendment. This could include making changes to your contract start dates, period of hire or rentals. Depending on the changes made, it could result in you being either in credit or debit. We’ll send an invoice or credit as appropriate to make the necessary adjustment.

The cost of the Road Tax, also known as Road Fund Licence (RFL), or vehicle excise duty, can increase or decrease during the life of your contract. The Government will usually make any changes to Road Tax as part of the budget. These increases or decreases are either charged or credited to your account. Road Tax is part of the contract and subject to VAT. This is included in the calculation of this document.

Why have I been invoiced for Road Tax Licence when it’s included in the contract/monthly rental?

Each year the Government reviews the cost of re-licensing a vehicle as part of the annual Budget. If any changes are made to the cost of the Road Tax, then this won’t be included in your monthly rental. This is why a separate invoice/credit is generated for any additional/reduction to the amount.

Why have I been invoiced for a Road Tax Licence increase when the vehicle is due to be returned or has been returned?

To make sure that our vehicles comply with legislation and remain legal whilst on the road, we arrange the Road Tax Licence to be actioned for the vehicle before the vehicle’s contract ends. If you’ve returned your vehicle and received a Road Tax invoice, you can claim a full refund by disputing the invoice.

Why have I been invoiced for a Road Tax Licence for a Finance/ Flexible Lease contract?

The terms of your contract with us states that the Road Tax for a vehicle on a Finance / Flexible lease contract is paid by you. We purchase the Road Tax Licence and invoice you for the full amount plus VAT.

Why have I been invoiced for a Road Tax Licence when the vehicle has been sold on a Finance/Flexible Lease contract?

If the vehicle has been sold within the last 12 weeks, the credit will automatically be sent to you once we receive the refund from the DVLA. If the vehicle was sold more than 12 weeks ago, please contact your customer services advisor.

Why have I been charged VAT on a Road Fund Licence?

A Road Tax Invoice is for the service provided in arranging the Road Tax for the vehicle, and the customer is reimbursing us for that cost. If the customer pays VAT on their rentals, they are liable to pay VAT on the RFL invoice.

This invoice covers Early Termination rental charges only. We’ll send this to you If you’ve asked to end your contract before the agreed contract end date. We’ll already have sent you an Early Termination quote, confirming you’ve accepted this charge. This invoice doesn’t include any additional charges or costs, such as excess mileage, damage or monthly rentals. These will be invoiced separately if they apply.  Please note, the mileage that appears on the Early Termination invoice is an indicative charge meaning that the costings on the quote may not match the final charge.

I have ended my agreement early and I’m returning my vehicle before the end of my billing period. Am I entitled to a partial credit?

No, you won’t qualify for a partial credit if you return the vehicle before the end of the billing period. Your Early Termination quote includes the cost for a full month’s rental. When you signed your agreement, you accepted that you’ll pay the full month’s rental, regardless of when the car is returned within that final billing period.

Do I still have to pay a final month’s rental if I’m paying an Early Termination charge?

Yes, as above. If you end your agreement early, you’ll still have to pay the relevant month’s rental. This is because the final month’s rental is included in the Early Termination calculation.

If I buy my vehicle from you during the term of the contract, does this price include any additional termination charges?

No, it doesn’t. The price will only be for the value of the vehicle itself. We’ll send you any quotes or invoices as appropriate separately for any Early Termination charges, rentals or excess mileage costs.

I paid an initial payment of 3 monthly rental payments (a terminal pause) at the start of my contract. So why is the Early Termination quote charging me for this pre-paid rental period?

Early Termination quotes are based on the contractual months remaining or as otherwise agreed. Any remaining full pre-paid months will be credited once you’ve returned the vehicle.

The extra payments that you pay up front/in advance are to reduce the monthly rental payment for the duration of the contract, also known as a drip payment. Any unused drip is accounted for in the ET calculation.

These invoices are related to any repairs or AA recovery charges that have been recharged to a customer from Technical Services. These charges aren’t covered by a maintenance contract.

Why have you sent me an invoice for technical services and/or maintenance re-charges?

If you’ve taken your vehicle for repairs that aren’t covered under your warranty, then we’ll send you an invoice for these costs. Also, if you’ve had to call the AA to get your vehicle recovered for anything that was not considered to be a mechanical failure. This could be for a flat tyre or broken windscreen for example.

This invoice covers charges for any excess mileage over your agreed contracted mileage allowance. You can see your agreed mileage and the excess mileage cost, pence per mile, on your contract agreement or latest contract amendment. Please be aware a contract amendment replaces any previous agreement.

Why have I received an invoice for the total Early Termination Charge when I’ve haven’t used all my annual mileage allowance?

When you terminate your agreement early, the mileage allowance is calculated on a pro rata basis, up to the day your vehicle is collected. If, by this point, you’re over your agreed allowance, then we’ll charge you an excess mileage fee. The early termination charge is calculated independently from this. This means we’ll send you a totally separate invoice for this charge.

Why is my start mileage showing incorrectly on the invoice?

We apply a standard additional 100-mile allowance at the start of your contract. This accounts for the extra mileage needed when delivering vehicles to our customers. If you believe the start mileage is incorrect, then you can dispute your invoice by providing us with a copy of the signed delivery note. Please contact our customer services team so that they can investigate and make any necessary adjustments.

I have bought my vehicle. Do excess mileage charges still apply?

Yes, all excess mileage charges will still apply. The purchase price is calculated using the mileage reading provided by you. If this is over the contract mileage allowance, then an excess mileage charge will apply.

Can you explain how my final mileage allowance has been calculated?

Miles Per Annum are calculated pro rata using days of hire. The final calculation also takes into account a 100-mile delivery allowance.

Example 1. For vehicles returned within the term, the contracted mileage will be the number of years x their annual mileage. For example, a 36 month / 3-year contract with 10,000 miles per annum

3 x 10,000 = 30,000 allowance

Example 2. For vehicles returned after the term end date, the contracted mileage will be the number of days x your daily mileage. For example, a 36-month / 3-year contract with 10,000 miles per annum but returns the vehicle two week after the term end date.

10,000 miles per annum / 365 days in a year = 27.4 miles per day

365 days x 3 = 1095 + 14 days of extended rental = 1109 days on hire

1109 @ 27.4 = 30,386 allowance

As you have paid for two extra weeks of rental, you are entitled to two extra weeks of mileage allowance.

Example 3. For vehicles which have been returned before the term end date, the contracted mileage will be the number of days x your daily mileage. For example, a 36 month / 3-year contract with 10,000 miles per annum but returns the vehicle two months before the term end date.

10,000 miles per annum / 365 days in a year = 27.4 miles per day

365 days x 3 = 1095 - 62 due to Early Termination = 1033 days on hire

1033 @ 27.4 = 28304 allowance

A part-monthly extension rental invoice sent out if you have kept your vehicle for part of a month, after the term end date of your contract. (Charges are for the number of days in extended hire when, less than a full month’s hire)

Why have you sent me an invoice for excess rental charges?

We’ll send a part-monthly extension rental invoice if you have kept your vehicle for part of a month, after the term end date of your contract. The amount will be calculated from the beginning of the month, up until and including the date you return your vehicle. So, it’s slightly different from the invoice we’d normally send out for a full monthly extension rental.

Why have you charged me for extra days of rental, after returning my vehicle:

If it looks like we’ve charged you for more days, past the date when you returned your vehicle, please contact your customer services adviser.

How to pay

The fastest way to pay is online. You can login to your account and check and pay your invoice.

We also accept the following methods: 

  • BACS/Direct Debit/Standing Order/Internet Banking: Sort Code 30-00-00/Account: 00241229.
  • CHAPs: Sort Code 30-15-99/Account: 0029210.
  • Cheques: Please send cheques (made payable to Lex Autolease Ltd) to - Lex Autolease LImited, Heathside Park, Heathside Park Road, Stockport SK3 0RB.

Please note we don't accept credit cards.

Need help with your payments? 

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