From 2035, new vehicles powered solely by an internal combustion engine (ICE) will no longer be available for your fleet1. In our latest research2 just 23% of commercial fleet decision makers have started to implement plans to electrify their vehicles.

As this deadline approaches, many businesses may be starting to think about this transition more and more. But what do you need to consider if you are planning to make the switch to a greener commercial fleet?

To help you, Lex Autolease has created the LEXperts video series: four fact-filled episodes featuring our team of commercial fleet professionals who share their expert knowledge to help make the transition to electric easier and more accessible for everyone.

“While moving towards an electric fleet may seem like a straightforward decision, there’s so much to consider, from which vehicles can be swapped now and which may have to wait, to where they can be charged and what it means for your bottom line. The purpose of the LEXperts videos is to look at the process in depth, to help anyone considering going electric fully understand what’s involved.”

Chris Chandler, Principal Consultant, Lex Autolease

Finding your path to a greener commercial fleet

In the driving seat for Episode 1 is our Principal Consultant, Chris Chandler, who discusses the benefits of going electric and the importance of having a plan.

Right vehicle, right job, right time​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In the second episode, our LEXperts discuss the benefits of staggering your transition and we hear from Andy Hill, Commercial Vehicle Manager, on the types of eLCV currently available and why it’s important to choose the right vehicle for its intended role in your fleet.

Getting your fleet operations ready for electric

Making eLCVs work for your individual fleet operations is vital. So in our third episode, our LEXperts discuss what you need to consider, from charging logistics to the role driver education to support a smooth transition.

Cost benefits of an electric fleet

In our fourth and final episode, Carol Roberts, Head of Bid & Implementation, breaks down the Whole Life Cost benefits of making the switch and discusses how transitioning can support your bottom line as well as your sustainability targets.

Information correct at the time of filming, April 2023.

Opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect that of Lex Autolease.



2Lex Autolease ‘Electric Pathways’ Report, due October 2023