Range worries are a thing of the past

If you’re considering leasing your first electric vehicle (EV), you’ve probably thought about the possibility of running out of charge.
It’s a common concern, but one that is largely unfounded. EV battery technology is progressing at an impressive rate, so the average range of EVs grows each year.

Expanding EV reach

In 2023, car leasing experts Tusker conducted a survey and found the average range for EVs on a single full charge was 219 miles. Some newer EVs can travel over 400 miles on a full charge. 

The most recent government research in 2022 found that the average distance for each car journey in the UK is 6.2 miles. 

So, even if you make a typical, average journey every day, you may find that you only need to charge your EV fully once a month. 

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