Routine servicing and maintenance

Vehicle maintenance and routine service packages

We understand the importance of providing businesses with vehicle maintenance and routine service packages that offer value for money and peace of mind.

Our vehicle maintenance management helps sustain the day-to-day efficiency of your fleet, taking away the worry and resource involved in the upkeep and smooth running of your vehicles. We negotiate and monitor our suppliers with an aim to achieve the best deals and service available to us.

You pay monthly, not annually. Our aim to ensure you aren't hit with confusing or unexpected costs.

We use our industry expertise to keep costs lower than would normally be available to you as an independent buyer.

Working with us ensures you receive maximum value from your vehicles with minimum downtime and disruption to your business.

Your vehicles will benefit from good quality workmanship and the highest standard of care from trained experts.

Our maintenance package can include

Maintenance includes routine servicing, tyres, replacement parts and repairs due to fair wear and tear. Repairs or replacements from accidental or malicious damage and damage caused by driver misuse or abuse are excluded. The vehicle must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and by an approved service dealer.