Lex Autolease replace 268,000 tyres each year*

Our tyre maintenance services can be included within monthly payments for all fully maintained vehicle contracts with an optional servicing and maintenance package.

    Pay for your tyres by either including them in the price of your monthly maintenance payments, or on a pay on use basis, as and when they need repairing or replacing.

    What makes our service special?

    • Speed - Our one-call booking and repair service means we can reach your drivers quickly.
    • Cost - Our Fair Play on Tyres policy includes the cost of tyres within the monthly rental, helping to keep tyre recharges to a minimum.
    • Convenience - Not only can your tyres can be replaced at an approved supplier, they can also be repaired via our mobile tyre fitting service.
    • The cost of replacement tyres can be included for the life of fully maintained vehicle contracts.
    • Safety - We replace tyres at a tread depth of 2mm, 0.4mm above the legal minimum requirement of 1.6mm per tyre.

    Important information

    • Tyres damaged as a result of theft, vandalism or collisions are excluded from this cover. 
    • Repairs or replacements from accidental/malicious damage and damage caused by driver misuse/abuse are excluded.

    *the average per annum from 2018 - 2021.