about leasing

Business Leasing or Contract Hire as it is more formally known is a fixed cost rental agreement that provides cost effective motoring.

You choose the manufacturer and model of vehicle that you want and agree the terms of the agreement (the maximum annual mileage and length of agreement, initial rental amount followed by fixed monthly rentals to suit your budget). The higher initial rental you pay, the lower the normal monthly rental will be. We then purchase your vehicle and hire it to you. At the end of the agreement you return the vehicle to us.

You can even choose to include our optional maintenance and breakdown cover so we manage and maintain the vehicle for you too.  The cost would be included in your monthly rental meaning you can pay one fixed monthly payment - keeping your costs affordable and predictable.

Many businesses choose to lease their fleets. The advantages of Contract Hire from Lex Autolease over owned vehicles are:

  • Fixed monthly costs to help with more efficient cost management
  • No depreciation risk on the vehicle resale value
  • VAT efficient
  • Available with or without maintenance
  • Flexible terms and mileages to suit your needs

The Grey Fleet refers to any vehicle used for making a work-related journey, which is not owned or leased by the organisation itself.
This ranges from vehicles bought or leased by employees using company 'cash-for-car' schemes, right through to occasional ad hoc usage of employees' privately owned, leased or hired vehicles.

With Business Contract Hire from Lex Autolease, whatever Business you're in, we can provide the Fleet to meet your needs.
We have the largest fleet of company cars across the UK and can offer ready to drive away vans / light commercial vehicles for many trades and industries.

For many organisations the company car or van is a valued component of a reward and benefits package, as a mobile workplace, or as part of the supply chain. Download our handy guide to see our eight steps to choosing the right vehicles for your fleet.

With Business Leasing from Lex Autolease we can provide you with the facility to add branding / sign writing to your vehicle and we'll even remove it for you at the end of the contract. We have access to a wide network of reputable companies that can do this for you. All you need to do is contact us and we can do the rest. Alternatively, we can work with you and your existing suppliers.

When you drive a vehicle from Lex Autolease, you are driving a vehicle from the UK leading automotive leasing and fleet funding Business.
We use our industry expertise to bring you up to date insights on legislation affecting vehicle leasing and provide a range of Driver Guides free of service, covering hints and tips on driving safe and looking after your vehicle.

With Business Leasing from Lex Autolease you can choose to include our optional maintenance cover in your agreement at the start and the cost will be added to the monthly rental, giving you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly with no unpredictable costs.
We have a nationwide preferred network of garages in place to service your vehicle. Where possible we will arrange for your vehicle to be serviced through your local dealer.